Swing Free Door Closer (Freedor)









Trafalgar Freedor is a door closer and hold open device that allows the door to swing freely with minimal force. This is ideal for fire doors that are being operated by people who might not have the strength to open a door against a door closer for example the young, old or infirm.

When Freedor is in free swing mode the door can swing freely making it easy to open and close and allowing the door to be legally held open or ajar. When a fire alarm activates Freedor reverts back to a traditional door closer mode ensuring fire and smoke doors become self-closing and self-latching, protecting adjoining areas from the spread of fire and smoke.

Freedor is the first wireless swing free door closer device and as such eliminates the cost of wiring and simplifies installation so any carpenter or handyperson can install and commission.

Occupants will no longer need to remove or disconnect door closers or illegally wedge open fire and smoke doors when Freedor is installed thus making nursing homes, aged care facilities residential apartments etc. safer for us all.

Freedor is CodeMark certified indicating that it is compliant with the BCA.

You can download the certificate of conformity by clicking the below icon or clicking here.