Downlight Covers (DLC)

Downlights form a key feature in many contemporary interior design settings, and are now widely used in both public and commercial buildings, and domestic dwellings. Ceilings are subject to fire regulations,and many will have to be fire rated. However, once a hole is made in the ceiling to accept a downlight, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire, are reduced significantly.

The Trafalgar Downlight Cover has been developed to provide maximum protection for holes created by the introduction of small, medium and larger sized downlights, and to allow for an easy DIY fitting procedure.

Key Features

  • Maintains the fire protection
    performance of the ceiling –
    preventing or delaying the spread
    of fire
  • Cover is flexible and lightweight
    and can be fitted from above or
    below the ceiling
  • Prevents combustible materials
    from coming into contact with hot
    downlight – thus minimising fire risk
  • Simple fixing method – can be
    fitted quickly
  • No screws, drilling or support
    required – saves money
  • Restores and maintains integrity
    and insulation of, and up to,
    120 minute fire rated ceilings