Deafguard (Deafguard)

Deafgard is a wireless, fire alarm listening device which ensures
people that are deaf or hard of hearing, can be alerted to an
emergency alarm at all times.
Deafgard utilises a ‘listening’ base unit connected to a vibration
pillow pad, which is designed to be placed under the users pillow.
When the buildings emergency alarm system is activated, the
Deafgard’s pillow pad will vibrate, waking the user and allowing
them appropriate time to evacuate. The unit also has an integrated
strobe light, alerting the occupant when not asleep to an
emergency. The unit is activated by the standard alarm sound as
per the Australian Standard.

Under the Disability Discriminations Act (DDA) all owners of
commercial and public buildings are required to make adequate
provisions for the needs of those with disabilities, such as deaf and
people hard of hearing.

Thanks to Deafgard’s wireless technology, the unit can be moved
throughout the building, providing a safe sleeping environment.