Lightweight Duct Wrap alternative to Fire Spray (Fyrewrap)







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Unifrax and Trafalgar have partnered in Australia to bring you FYREWRAP duct fireproofing systems. Simply put, this is the only way to go when it comes to providing passive fire protection for ductwork in commercial buildings.


FYREWRAP comes ready to use as a foil finished roll to wrap around the ductwork of all configuration. It eliminates the need for messy spray applied materials, which are known to require hours of masking to avoid resulting overspray.


FYREWRAP results in fast, simple, cost effective and clean fireproofing while providing pleasing aesthetics.


FYREWRAP is beneficial for project work and planning, as it allows for other trades to be working in close vicinity to the contractors doing the duct wrapping and with careful planning, large quantities of the duct fireproofing can be completed off-site.


This is a new revolution in duct fireproofing so insist on FYREWRAP lightweight fireproofing for your next project.