Intumescent Pipe Wraps (FR Wraps)


Trafalgar FR Wraps are a high performance intumescent wrap designed to stop the spread of fire between compartments where plastic pipes penetrate fire rated walls and floors.

Trafalgar FR Wraps consist of a factory sealed plastic sleeve containing intumescent material. The high performance intumescent expands to many times its original size in fire conditions, crushing the plastic pipe and sealing the penetration, preventing contunued spread of fire.

Trafalgar FR Wraps have been extensively tested to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 in accordance with the Building Code of Australia. They have been used on building sites throughout Australia and the world.

Trafalgar FR Wraps are ideal for where the installation of a traditional fire collar my be impractical.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to install where access is difficult
  • Factory sealed in plastic sleeve
  • Up to 4 hours fire protection
  • 'Cast-in' solution, concrete or masonry only
  • Economical solution
  • One system for wall and floors