Our Partners

Trafalgar has proudly partnered with a number of industry leading companies from both Australian and around the world to ensure the highest quality products and specialised advice is available to our customers.

Some of Trafalgar's supplier partners include :


Fireco are the manufacturers of wireless fire safety products which include Dorgard and Deafgard.



Unifrax insulation products have been providing innovative heat management solutions for a broad range of industries since 1942. This new partnership between Trafalgar and Unifrax has introduced new systems such as Fyrewrap duct fireproofing into Australia and is only the beginning of ongoing innovation and product development in Australia's fire stopping industry.



From its beginnings in the 1950s Raven has been a pioneer in the door sealing systems market. Manufacturing the full range of fire, smoke, acoustic and weather seals, Raven has transformed the way builders, architects and manufacturers consider door sealing systems - incorporating them today into the overall design of components and the building itself.



SVT has been involved in the fields of fire protection and environmental technology since 1969. SVT are the manufactures and developers of the innovative PYRO-SAFE Cable Wrap and Cable coating products.